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Wendy Higgins Author
Wendy Hiller Actress
Wendy Kopp Public Servant
Wendy Liebman Comedian
Wendy Long Lawyer
Wendy O. Williams Musician
Wendy Raquel Robinson Actress
Wendy Robie Actress
Wendy Wasserstein Playwright
Wendy Whelan Dancer
Wendy Williams Entertainer
Wentworth Miller Actor
Werner Arber Scientist
Werner Erhard Educator
Werner Heisenberg Physicist
Werner Herzog Director
Werner Klemperer Actor
Wernher von Braun Scientist
Wes Anderson Writer
Wes Ball Director
Wes Bentley Actor
Wes Borland Musician
Wes Boyd Activist
Wes Brown Actor
Wes Craven Director
Wes Montgomery Musician
Wes Studi Actor
Wes Welker Athlete
Wesley Clark Soldier
Wesley Morris Critic
Wesley Ruggles Director
Wesley Schultz Musician
Wesley Sneijder Athlete
Wesley Snipes Actor
Wesley Willis Musician
Westbrook Pegler Journalist
Weyes Blood Musician
Whit Stillman Director
Whitey Ford Athlete
Whitey Herzog Athlete
Whitfield Diffie Scientist
Whitley Strieber Writer
Whitney Cummings Comedian
Whitney Houston Musician
Whitney M. Young Activist
Whitney MacMillan Businessman
Whitney Tilson Businessman
Whitney Wolfe Herd Businesswoman
Whittaker Chambers Writer
Whoopi Goldberg Actress
Wietse Venema Scientist
Wil S. Hylton Journalist
Wil Wheaton Actor
Wilbur Mills Politician
Wilbur Ross Businessman
Wilbur Smith Novelist
Wilbur Wright Inventor
Wild Bill Hickok Celebrity
Wiley Wiggins Actor
Wilford Brimley Actor
Wilfred Burchett Journalist
Wilfred Grenfell Activist
Wilfred Owen Soldier
Wilfrid Laurier Statesman
Wilfrid Sheed Novelist
Wilfried Zaha Athlete
Wilhelm Canaris Soldier
Wilhelm Dilthey Historian
Wilhelm Frick Celebrity
Wilhelm Keitel Celebrity
Wilhelm Ostwald Scientist
Wilhelm Reich Psychologist
Wilhelm Steinitz Celebrity
Wilhelm von Humboldt Philosopher
Wilhelm Wien Physicist
Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist
Wilkie Collins Novelist
Will Allison Author
Will Arnett Actor
Will C. Barnes Soldier
Will Carleton Poet
Will Carling Athlete
Will Champion Musician
Will Champlin Musician
Will Chase Actor
Will Cotton Artist
Will Cuppy Writer
Will Durant Historian
Will Durst Writer
Will Eisner Cartoonist
Will Estes Actor
Will Ferrell Comedian
Will Forte Actor
Will Friedle Actor
Will Gluck Director
Will Grier Athlete
Will Harvey Businessman
Will Hermes Author
Will Hobbs Author
Will Hurd Politician
Will McCormack Actor
Will McDonough Writer
Will McIntosh Author
Will Muschamp Coach
Will Oldham Musician
Will Packer Producer
Will Patton Actor
Will Poulter Actor
Will Rogers Actor
Will Rothhaar Actor
Will Self Author
Will Sergeant Musician
Will Shetterly Writer
Will Shields Athlete
Will Smith Actor
Will Speck Director
Will Steger Environmentalist
Will Thomas Novelist
Will Tudor Actor
Will Wright Scientist
Will Yun Lee Actor
will.i.am Musician
Willa Cather Author
Willa Fitzgerald Actress
Willa Ford Musician
Willa Holland Actress
Willam Belli Actor
Willard Boyle Physicist
Willard Gaylin Scientist
Willard Libby Scientist
Willard Scott Entertainer
Willard Van Orman Quine Philosopher
Willard Wigan Sculptor
Willem Dafoe Actor
Willem de Kooning Artist
Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Royalty
William A. Dembski Philosopher
William A. Drake Writer
William Adams Explorer
William Albert Allard Photographer
William Alexander
William Allan Artist
William Allen Butler Lawyer
William Allen White Editor
William Allingham Poet
William Ames Philosopher
William Anders Astronaut
William Arthur Ward Writer
William Atherton Actor
William Baldwin Actor
William Banting Celebrity
William Barclay Theologian
William Barr Public Servant
William Bartram Environmentalist
William Beebe Explorer
William Bell Musician
William Bell Riley Clergyman
William Bennett Politician
William Bernbach Businessman
William Beveridge Economist
William Billings Composer
William Binney Public Servant
William Blackstone Judge
William Blake Poet
William Bligh Soldier
William Blum Author
William Bolcom Composer
William Booth Leader
William Boyd Novelist
William Bratton Public Servant
William Brewster Clergyman
William Butler Yeats Poet
William C. Kirby Educator
William Camden Historian
William Cameron Forbes Diplomat
William Carey Clergyman
William Cartwright Dramatist
William Cavendish Public Servant
William Christopher Actor
William Christopher Handy Musician
William Clay Ford, Jr. Businessman
William Clay Ford, Sr. Businessman
William Cobbett Politician
William Colby Public Servant
William Collins Poet
William Congreve Poet
William Cowper Poet
William Cullen Bryant Poet
William D. Cohan Author
William Dampier Explorer
William Daniels Actor
William Davenant Poet
William De Morgan Artist
William Dean Howells Author
William Devane Actor
William Drummond Poet
William Dunbar Poet
William E. Conway, Jr. Businessman
William E. Geist Writer
William E. Gladstone Leader
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