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William E. Simon Public Servant
William Eardley IV Public Servant
William Eggleston Photographer
William Ellery Channing Writer
William Empson Poet
William Ernest Henley Poet
William Ernest Hocking Philosopher
William F. Buckley, Jr. Journalist
William F. DeVault Poet
William Falconer Poet
William Feather Author
William Fichtner Actor
William Finnegan Journalist
William Floyd Politician
William Foege Scientist
William Forsythe Actor
William Frederick Book
William Friedkin Director
William Fung Businessman
William G. Boykin Soldier
William Gaddis Novelist
William Gibson Writer
William Gilbert Composer
William Gilmore Simms Novelist
William Glasser Psychologist
William Godwin Writer
William Golding Novelist
William Goldman Novelist
William Graham Sumner Businessman
William Green Athlete
William Greider Author
William Griffith Wilson Celebrity
William Gurnall Author
William H. Gass Novelist
William H. Gray Politician
William H. Hunt Soldier
William H. Macy Actor
William H. McRaven Soldier
William H. O'Connell Clergyman
William H. Pryor Judge
William H. Seward Statesman
William H. Wharton Politician
William Hague Politician
William Hall Soldier
William Halsey Soldier
William Hamilton Politician
William Hamilton Maxwell Novelist
William Harvey Scientist
William Hazlitt Critic
William Hedgcock Webster Public Servant
William Henry Ashley Businessman
William Henry Bragg Physicist
William Henry Danforth Scientist
William Henry Harrison President
William Henry Hudson Author
William Henry Moody Politician
William Hepworth Thompson Educator
William Herschel Scientist
William Hogarth Artist
William Holden Actor
William Hone Writer
William Howard Taft President
William Hull Soldier
William Hung Entertainer
William Hurt Actor
William Inge Clergyman
William Irwin Thompson Philosopher
William Ivey Long Designer
William J. Brennan, Jr. Judge
William J. Clinton President
William J. H. Boetcker Clergyman
William J. Mann Novelist
William J. Mayo Scientist
William J. Perry Public Servant
William Jackson Director
William Jackson Harper Actor
William James Philosopher
William Jay Clergyman
William Jay Smith Poet
William Jennings Bryan Lawyer
William Jerome Musician
William John Wills Scientist
William Joyce Author
William Julius Wilson Sociologist
William K. Sessions Judge
William Kamkwamba Inventor
William Katt Actor
William Kempe Actor
William Kennedy Writer
William Kent Architect
William Kent Krueger Author
William Kidd Explorer
William Kingdon Clifford Mathematician
William Kircher Actor
William Klein Photographer
William Kraft Musician
William Kunstler Activist
William L. Jenkins Politician
William Labov Writer
William Lacy Clay, Jr. Politician
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne Politician
William Landay Novelist
William Langewiesche Author
William Lashner Novelist
William Laud Clergyman
William Law Clergyman
William Least Heat-Moon Writer
William Levy Actor
William Lilly Celebrity
William Lipscomb Scientist
William Lloyd Garrison Journalist
William Lucking Actor
William Lyon Mackenzie King Politician
William Lyon Phelps Educator
William M. Daley Politician
William Makepeace Thackeray Novelist
William Manchester Historian
William Mapother Actor
William Masters Scientist
William McDonough Designer
William McFee Writer
William McIlvanney Writer
William McKinley President
William McNamara Actor
William Merritt Chase Artist
William Morris Designer
William Morris Hunt Artist
William Moseley Actor
William Mougayar Businessman
William Moulton Marston Psychologist
William Mulholland Scientist
William Nicholson Writer
William O'Neill Politician
William O. Douglas Judge
William Odom Soldier
William of Occam Philosopher
William Osler Scientist
William P. Bundy Historian
William P. Leahy Educator
William P. Young Author
William Paley Theologian
William Penn Leader
William Pennington Lawyer
William Pepper Scientist
William Perry Athlete
William Peter Blatty Writer
William Petersen Actor
William Petty Economist
William Pitt Leader
William Plomer Author
William Pollard Clergyman
William Powell Actor
William Prescott Soldier
William Proxmire Politician
William Quigley Artist
William R. Alger Writer
William R. Keating Politician
William Randolph Politician
William Randolph Hearst Publisher
William Reddington Hewlett Businessman
William Rehnquist Judge
William Robertson Smith Scientist
William Rose Benet Poet
William Ruckelshaus Lawyer
William S. Burroughs Writer
William S. Cohen Politician
William S. Hart Actor
William S. Paley Businessman
William Sadler Actor
William Safire Author
William Samuel Johnson Politician
William Sanderson Actor
William Scott Artist
William Scranton Politician
William Shakespeare Dramatist
William Shatner Actor
William Shawcross Writer
William Shenstone Poet
William Shirley Politician
William Shockley Physicist
William Singe Musician
William Sleator Writer
William Slim Soldier
William Sloane Coffin Clergyman
William Stafford Poet
William Standish Knowles Scientist
William Steig Cartoonist
William Stephenson Soldier
William Stone Explorer
William Strunk, Jr. Writer
William Styron Novelist
William T. Vollmann Novelist
William T. Wiley Artist
William Taylor Writer
William Tecumseh Sherman Soldier
William Temple
William Thomas Athlete
William Thomas Green Morton Inventor
William Thomas Stead Journalist
William Throsby Bridges Soldier
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